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Ok, ok, I know I've been gone for long amounts of time lately but i got a long weekend off and had some time so I did some major updates to all the pages, added the Hardware section, and created a new layout finally. The new layout should be up soon. Either tonight or tomorrow. For now enjoy the new info.


Wow! It's been 2 months to the day since my last update, sorry all. Summer has been just as busy as the schoolyear and I just haven't had much time. The new layout is still coming. I have it done but I still have to add it to all the pages so hopefully within a few days if I find the time I will finish it and put it up. Until then enjoy what I have and wait for the new layout, Episode Summaries and Pokedex. Have fun!!!


Well I haven't been able to update the page in a while because I am just so busy with school right now. It is the end of the year and things are getting really crazy. I must apologize in advance because I will probably not update the page for 2-3 weeks until school is over. When the summer comes I plan on completly re-doing the site and making it awesome. Until then have fun!


I recently bought a Bung GB Xchanger and a 64 meg cart and I have to say it is awesome. It is a device that you can hook up to your computer and copy rom files onto a rewritable Game Boy cartridge that can hold up to 250 games at one time. Its super cool and easy to use. It even works with color Game Boy games. If you are tired of spending tons of money on little Game Boy games just get this device and you'll never have to buy another game in your life. If you are interested in getting it you'd better hurry up because the company that makes them has been forced to stop making them and only the stock that is left can be sold. You can get it here.


Names for 5 Pokémon from G/S have been confirmed. The three starting Pokémon are #152 Chikorita (same as Japanese), #155 Cyndaquil (formerly Hinoarashi the fire Pokémon), and #158 Totodile (formerly Waninoko the alligator Pokémon). The 2 other Pokémon confirmed were #249 Lugia (same as Japanese) and #163 Ho-oh (formerly Hoot-Hoot the owl Pokémon.


Added release dates for Pokémon Puzzle League both the N64 and the Game Boy versions. The Game Boy version will be released about 2 months after the N64 version.


Several sections have been updated with news from Nintendo announcements at the E3 game show. Pokémon Gold and Silver now have a release dateand I added a picture of the special edition G/S Game Boy Color in both sections. A version of Pokémon Puzzle League for N64 was also confirmed. This N64 version is supposed to come out a few months before the Game Boy version in the Fall. Nintendo also released screens from Pokémon Puzzle League for the N64 and its looking good. There is also a new picture from Hey You, Pikachu! for N64.


I have joined Bulba Garden's button exchange program to help get more hits for this site. I hope to be upgrading soon to a site with a sidebar instead of frames. Right now I am working on that using Microsoft Frontpage 98. It will probably be a few weeks until I have the new layout using a sidebar done but keep watching for it.


I got rid of two pages and added one new one. The new one is Link to Pokémon Rules!!! and has the instructions on how to link to this page. Anyone with a website should please link to this site. Thanks!


Well I have some more good news. The site now has a button so anyone who wants to link to us can use that button. Here is what it looks like:

A special thanks to Mariru the webmaster of Marrilicious for making this button for me. You should definitely visit Mariru's site. It's a shrine to that awesome Pokémon, Marril. The link is in the Links section.


I have some great news. I have now become a moderator at PGZ's Discussion Forum, one of the best Pokémon/Game Boy sites around. Definitely come and check out their site and don't miss the discussion forum. The links are on the frame.


I took off the PGZ's Top 10 site list for the time being because he has to redo it because it is causing his server to crash. I'm still working on the American Pokémon Section but its coming soon.


I Fixed the names of two games: Pokémon Attack -----> Pokémon Puzzle League
                                                        Pikachu VRS -----> Hey You, Pikachu!

Updated some other minor stuff. American Pokémon section is coming soon.


The Characters section is now up. The next section I will put up will be the American Pokémon section. It should be up within the next few days.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? E-mail or ICQ me.


I Replaced my old message board that no one posted at with PGZ's Discussion Forum. It's a great message board that allows you to talk about roms, emulators and game hacks/translations. Best of all people actually post lots of topics and its always growing. Everybody check it out. My name on the board is jshuey22 so look for me.


Finished Japanese Pokémon and Annon #201 sections. The next update will have The Characters section done which should be later today.


Hey everybody I hope you like my new website. You can still check out my old one at So far both the Games and Misc. sections are completly up. The Japanese Pokémon section is almost done so check that out too. The rest will be done within a few days so until then enjoy.

****I am looking for someone who can help me out by writing the episode summaries for me. If you are interested e-mail or ICQ me.****

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