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This is an awesome place to buy anything about Pokémon (especially cards)!

Check out the Pokémon Game Boy Zone, this site rules!

Marrilicious is a great site and has one of the coolest webmasters around!

You can buy any US Pokémon game on the market and pre-order ones not yet out!

If your looking to buy any import Pokémon games (including Pokémon Gold and Silver) go here!

Here you can search through a HUGE listing of websites all about Pokémon!

Check out the games section at Nintendo's official Pokémon website!
I'm a Pokémon Trainer!

Look for new Pokémon games on GB and GBC and their release dates!

Look for new Pokémon games on N64 and their release dates!

This webring has all the best Pokémon sites on the web!


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