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Pokémon Trading Card Game:

Pokémon Trading Card Game propels you on a fast-paced adventure through an exotic world. Equipped with a modest deck and sage words of advice from the wise Dr. Mason, you'll win booster decks by battling - and defeating - a wily series of rivals.

You get to build a dream deck before entering the mysterious Pokémon Dome, home of the four greatest Pokémon Trading Card Game masters. They're looking for a bold newcomer worthy of inheriting their extremely rare cards. To prove your mettle, though, you'll have to defeat them first!

Pokémon Trading Card Game features many of the famed Wizards of the Coast cards, plus exclusive cards not found in any store. In all, there are more than 200 cards (228 to be exact including the 2 only available through Card Popping). Game mechanics and strategy are identical to that of the Wizards of the Coast game. You can even battle a friend via the Game Link cable!

Dr. Mason and his lab technicians do a great job of teaching newcomers the basics of fighting. But even veterans of the Wizards of the Coast game will learn much from Dr. Mason's Autodeck Machines. These Pokémon Trading Card Game exclusives help customize decks for every situation.

If you've played Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow, you'll love the sense of mystery and discovery in Pokémon Trading Card Game. Talk to everyone you meet: you might pick up a key piece of information or an offer to trade cards. Scour bulging bookshelves for new tactics. And check your e-mail at every PC. You might even get a valuable booster pack from Dr. Mason!

Pokémon Trading Card Game is available now. It is compatible with Game Boy Color and monochrome Game Boy.