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Annon #201:

*NOTE This info is from the Jap version, the US version may be slightly different.

The Pokémon Annon is one of the Pokémon featured in Pokémon Gold and Silver. All together, there are 26 different letters that Annon become, each one with its own individual meaning. If you have the Annon upgrade to your PokéDex it will record each different one you catch. However, you won't find all of the Annon right away. In order to actually see some Annon, you must first find an ancient puzzle. There are four, and each one causes certain Annon to appear upon completion. The puzzles are of the ancient Pokémon, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Houou, and Omanyte. Once you have completed all four puzzles (upon completion of a puzzle, you are dropped into the Alpha Ruins), you will have access to fighting all 26 different shapes that Annon can take.

The four puzzles:

Once you have captured 3 different Annon, a scientist will offer to "Power Up" your PokéDex, so that when you catch more Annon, it'll record all of its different forms. After a short wait, the PokéDex is upgraded and ready to use. Now it has a special section to store information for Annon, it also catalogues what the symbol of Annon stands for, written in the ancient language. That means that you can start catching Annon to help you truly fill your PokéDex. Go to the PokéDex and press select. From there, choose the bottom option, "Annon PokéDex", and you can view all of the different forms of Annon that you have captured, in the order that you caught them. Below each one is the word that tells you what that shape stands for, what it means.

The forms of Annon:

Hold your mouse over a picture of Annon to see what the letter is and what it stands for.

A-angry B-bear C-chase D-direct E-engage F-find G-give H-help I-increase J-join K-keep L-laugh M-make
N-nuzzle O-observe P-perform Q-quicken R-reassure S-search T-tell U-undo V-vanish W-want X-xxxxx Y-yield Z-zoom